Release the Magic Within You

An experience occurs: loss of a loved one, break-up of a relationship, a slip on ice, an argument with a coworker, a poor grade in school . . . your nervous system adapts to the tension or energy created from this experience to the best of your ability. You process the information. If too overwhelming for you to process it all, you process as much as possible. The rest of the experience, which cannot be dealt with at that particular time, is stored as tension or energy within the nervous system, cells and tissues of your body. This is just one situation.

Over a lifetime this occurs and more and more tension is stored in the nervous system. The brain, in its means to adapting us to our environment, disconnects from an area of great tension. In the short term, this adaption is protective for us. In the long term it is destructive to carry spinal cord tension, as this sets up diminished communication between your nervous system and your mind, body and emotions.

This may interfere internally with your ability to digest a meal, rid yourself of waste, be joyful, fight infection, have a normal menstrual cycle, and countless other cycles, chemistry and occurrences that happen each day, hour and minute of our lives.

This stored tension also interferes, subtly or greatly, with your ability to adapt to your external environment. For instance, recovering from physical trauma, emotional stresses, disagreements with spouse, child or co-worker, loss of a loved one, change in responsibility at home or work, or chemical inputs such as pollens, processed foods or drinks, smoke, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, exhaust, drugs, perfumes and textiles.

Unfortunately our culture does not teach us to be inner guided or self-aware, but rather to pay most of our attention to external factors: our jobs, errands, relationships with others, goals, purchases, finances and appearances. These distract us from ourselves. The natural mechanism to observe or listen to our mind/body’s signs become inhibited or blocked. We base our decisions on our culture and/or intellect rather than our innate, internal guidance. Outside-in is how we have learned to live.

As we diminish spinal and nervous system distortions and improve the communication network (or connectedness) within ourselves, we become more self aware – not just intellectually (more realization about ourselves), but also innately (more of the natural rhythms of the mind and body.) We have the opportunity to become more whole.

One of the purposes for your gentle Network Care is to assist and refocus your attention on yourself, to better understand the mental, emotional and physical parts of you, to reconnect and restore nervous system integrity, and to better adapt you to all that is experienced within and outside of you. Listen within.

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