Additional Wellness Care




Welcome to even more tools for achieving greater wellness!!!  On your initial visit, we will embark on an “investigative” examination, following your comprehensive consultation.  We will talk about your health concerns, health history, how you take care of yourself, what your health goals are, and what you would like to receive from your Network Chiropractic Care. On the exam, we will look at the integrity of your spine and nervous system, posture, muscle tension, as well as muscle test all organ-systems and the list of life style items below, as well as scan for any emotional triggers that may be “up” at this time. Our focus is not to overwhelm the body-mind, but to allow the highest priority to emerge so we can begin to unlayer and unwind from the stressors creating the most impact on your health. Recommendations for Network Care, lifestyle, and nutritional imbalances will be offered.

For more information on each of these, please click on the item below.

Nutritional Evaluation

Life Style Assessment

Emotional Repatterning


In addition, to the above tools, a specific meditation may be suggested to support your healing.

Kundalini Yoga/Meditation

Ultimately, you get to choose what you want to incorporate into your life and healing! It must feel right for you, innately!! And so the journey begins.