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Over the past 35 years of working with many types of Nutritional Assessments, I have found that QRA is by far the most comprehensive body organ-system testing around.

Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) is a Kinesiology or Muscle Testing technology. It is the most advanced and comprehensive nutritional system of balancing the body, perfect to support your Network Chiropractic Care.

Dr. Lori is proficient in testing over the phone, if you live long distance or in person, if local. She works with folks all over the nation. Recommended supplements can be drop shipped to your home, for no extra charge, making this process effortless for those who do not live in Sedona.

QRA assists you with healing the effects of long term stress in your body from a nutritional and life style perspective.

QRA uses live source nutrition that is grown in uncontaminated soil, non-GMO, chemical-pesticide free, with no animal glands, no toxic synthetic binders or fillers, no EMF disturbances, and packed in nontoxic Violite containers for long shelf life.

QRA is a complete system to test your cellular energy, glands, immunity, underlying infection or heavy metal toxicity, digestion, C-V, hormones, bones-joints, minerals, vitamins, weight, sleep, oils, superfoods, detoxification, energetic disturbances, and more. For more information about QRA, check out

Dr. Lori Krauss has had success with digestive issues, chronic illness, depression, fatigue, blood disorders, hormonal symptoms either PMS or menopausal, poor sleep, parasites, and much more. She has worked with peoples’ pets to resolve their health issues, as well

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