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Everything is vibrating with energy – your thoughts, feelings, words, organs and cells, your arguments, depression, and successes, as well as every atom and subatomic particles that make you who you are.

When your frequencies naturally vibrate in sync you will resonate with health, joy, achievement and positive ways of thinking and relating. When your frequencies vibrate out of sync, you may resonate with disease, upset, pain or negative ways of thinking and relating.

The quality of your life, down to the smallest detail, depends on whether your frequencies are in sync or out of sync, which determines what you resonate with and how you experience your life.

If you live in or near Sedona, Emotional Repatterning is used as a support for your Network Chiropractic Care.  Muscle testing is utilized to access the information stored deeply in the subconscious. Only the information ready to be processed through the nervous system will be available through this process. Your body-mind gives us access to what is needed for your healing at the right time.

If you do not live in or near Sedona, Repatternings can be done over the phone, in the safe, comfortable environment of your home.

Emotional Repatterning is a system that allows you to change your out of
sync frequency patterns that cause every problem you have in your life. Once
your frequencies are in sync, you resonate with achieving your best in every
situation and with living from vitality, joy, balance, and love – no matter what the circumstances of your life may be.

Through a system of muscle checking we can know what emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and patterns you are resonating with and which ones you are not. With specific questions about what you want to create, appropriate statements, and unique modalities (in the form of sound, color, movement, breath, energy or Network Chiropractic Care), we can shift your alignment toward what you truly want to manifest. Unwanted blocks and pattern habits move out of your way, and space opens up within you for dreams to be realized.

Dr. Lori Krauss has successfully worked with those suffering from depression, fear, shame, guilt, anger, traumas, abuse, and so much more.

For more information: Resonance Repatterning

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